Object-Oriented Bookmarks

This page points to some O-O resources. I'll add comments and (maybe) rank them, as time permits.


O-O stuff

O-O Languages

The best and largest archive of things Smalltalk is at the UIUC Smalltalk Archive
...and some additional Smalltalk resources indexed at the same site.
...and some more Smalltalk resources at Object International.
...and a free Smalltalk environment for teaching, called LearningWorks.
and and yet another free learning Smalltalk tool, Smalltalk Express.
The home office of Java is the Java Home Page
...and another collection of links for Java is at Java Programming Resources.
...and the NJ users group of Java also has a good links page at Java Links [@NJ users group]
...and of course, there are Emacs tools to play with Java, such as the Emacs JDE Home Page [Java SDE]
The language Sather (similar to Eiffel, but which among other changes excludes covariant subtyping) is at Sather home page
..and the specification for it is The Sather Specification - Table of Contents
The language Python lives at Python Language Home Page
The ISE page for Eiffel language is the so-called Eiffel homepage
Omega (an object-based language developed at U. of Linz) is at Omega [Obj-based lang]
The most used library for C++ is the Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide
The Blue language, designed for teaching O-O concepts at Monash University, can be found at the The Blue Page - Teaching Object Oriented Programming
Arjuna System
Larch Frequently Asked Questions (comp.specification.larch FAQ) FAQ
FGI: PowerBuilder Jump Points


Meta Integration Technology, Inc. (Home Page)
CASE tool index --list
OOM & CASE Tools --list
The CASE Tool Home Page [@sunderland.ac.uk] --list
[SIGS] TOOLS (Top Objects On-Line Survey) & Review #7 Object Methods
TakeFive Software: Homepage of SNiFF+
Quintessoft [f/Code Navigator for C++]
Popkin Software Home Page [for System Architect]
MultiQuest Home Page [for S-CASE]
PLATINUM Clear Lake Lab Home Page [for ParadigmPlus]
Rational Software: Downloads
Prince - a namespace manager for Rational Rose (TM)
Active Software: Downloading ActiveWeb 1.0
TASKON [for OOram]
{Coad's] Together/J Download
[Coad's] Together/C++ Professional 2.0
Microgold Software, Inc [for WithClass]
Aonix Home Page [for StP]
Cayenne Software, Inc.
Advanced Software Technologies [for GraphicalDesigner (Unix)]
Blueprint Technologies [Mowbray's]
SELECT Software Tools Home Page
Logic Works [for BPwin, buss. process modeling tool]
OVUM CASE tool evaluation service


OMG Member Services!
The Free CORBA page --list
VisiBroker: CORBA Technology from Borland
CORBA: A Common Touch for Distributed Applications
CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) and the OMG
The CORBA FAQ --- Frequently Asked Questions
The Electra Object Request Broker
IONA Technologies
[CORBA-patterns mail list]
BEA Products - BEA ObjectBroker
OOA/D and Corba/IDL:
A Common Base
ISA Services Object Technology: Online CORBA Simulation
Linux CORBA Reference & Evaluation
ODMG Home Page
ORB/ODBMS Integration
DNS SmalltalkBroker
OmniBroker Home Page
Black & White Software, Inc. - The CORBA Experts
TIBCO - TIB/ObjectBus - Front Page

O-O FWs/patterns/etc

Object-Orientation FAQ -- Title Page
Object-Oriented System Development: HTML Edition
Software Reengineering Patterns
CustomWare Inc. [O-O training]
AG Communication Systems: Patterns
Object-Oriented Metrics
Association for Software Design
Desing Pattern seminar work


UML Partners Page
Documentación del UML v1.0
[Henderson-Seller's OPEN method]
UML Center


Object Mentor Inc. [Robert Martin's site]
ProjectNet - About the Company
The Object Agency, Inc. [Berard]
Hurwitz Group - Site Index

The Swarm Simulation System
Programming Languages Table
Cetus Links: 5545 Links on Object-Orientation
home page -- Object International - Education, Tools, Consulting
IBM Component Broker
GemStone Systems, Inc.: Home Page
Smalltalk Systems Home Page [for VisualAge]
Catalysis(TM) Papers
Workshop on Compositional Software Architecture -- Position Papers
RADSoft Labs [home of RAD/CVS]
Genitor Corporation [C+=3D SDE]
Action Technologies Home Page
JESS, the Java Expert System Shell

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