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The International Conference "Groups, Rings and Group Rings 2008" will be held at the Wembley Inn Hotel at Ubatuba, a famous seaside resort in the state of São Paulo, Brazil from July 27th to August 2nd. This is the second edition of this event. The first one took place at the same venue in 2004. It is being organized by the Instituto de Matemática e Estatística of the University of São Paulo and will focus on recent developments in the following areas:

· ring theory (both associative and nonassociative),

· group and loop theory,

· representation theory,

· group rings,

· applications of the above, such as coding theory.

Arrival date is Sunday, July 27th, and departure date is Saturday, August 2nd.

We shall arrange transportation from Guarulhos airport (GRU), in São Paulo, to the hotel and back for all participants arriving on Sunday and leaving on Saturday (see more in travel information). We ask participants to inform us their flight numbers and time of arrival as soon as possible.

There will be a sight-seeing tour on Wednesday afternoon, July 30th. Weather permiting, we shall have lunch on an island near Ubatuba, after a short sea trip.

Participants in this meeting may also choose to attend the XIII International Conference on Representations of Algebras, to be held in the following week in a nearby location.
For further information see

Also, the XX Brazilian School of Algebra will be held in Rio de Janeiro, in the week from August 11th to 15th. See

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