PD External generator

Hi Master!
I am your help window and I am here to help you.
What do you want to know? Click on the fields, close your eyes and I will lead you to the most awesome Pure Data external ever.
Well, maybe you should not close your eyes or I will can not lead you.
Indeed, I will not help you to do the external. I will only help you with the code wraping.
You will have to write your code later in every part of the source code where I wrote PUT YOUR CODE HERE.
The best part about it is that all the credits will be yours and not mine. Nice, he?
Let's do it Master!

Anyways, if you don't care, I will stop calling you Master..
I don't know if you are really a master.
Maybe you are just a master degree candidate or even an undergrad student surfing the web...
Or even worst, you can be a PhD, maybe my supervisor! I do not intend to lower you calling you 'master'.
Is it ok to you, buddy?
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