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NameEinar Luciano Gattoni Saukas
BirthdayJune 17, 1970
CitizenshipBrazilian, with dual citizenship from Estonia (European passport)
IdiomsPortuguese, English
ResidenceSão Paulo, SP, BRAZIL
Phone+55 (11) 98133-6758
Emaileinar at ime.usp.br


School Rainha da Paz (São Paulo) (1979 - 1984)
High School Santa Cruz (São Paulo) (1985 - 1987)
First place in the secondary school admission exams for Santa Cruz High School
Bachelor of Science Polytechnical School - University of São Paulo (1988 - 1992)
Electrical Engineering in Computing
Award "Itautec 1992": Best Electrical Engineering in Computing student at University of São Paulo
Master of Science Institute of Mathematics and Statistics - University of São Paulo (Mar 1993 - Feb 1998)
Computer Science (advisor: Prof. Dr. Siang W. Song)
Thesis: "Selection Algorithms for Parallel Machines with Distributed Memory"
Award "SBC 1999": Best Brazilian Master Degree Thesis in Computer Science
Nominated by University of São Paulo for the Award "Moinho Santista Youth 1999" in Computing


"Parallel Programming Techniques for Distributed Memory Computers"
Einar Saukas and Siang W. Song
IFIP World Computer Congress 2000 - International Conference on Software: Theory and Practice (Beijing - China), 760-763

"Selection Algorithms for Distributed Memory Parallel Machines"
Einar Saukas
SBC'1999: XIX National Congress of the Brazilian Computer Society, vol. 1, 389-401

"A Note on Parallel Selection on Coarse Grained Multicomputers"
Einar Saukas and Siang W. Song
Algorithmica 24:371-380 (1999)

"Efficient Selection Algorithms on Distributed Memory Computers"
Einar Saukas and Siang W. Song
ACM / IEEE Supercomputing'98: High Performance Networking and Computing Conference (Orlando - U.S.A.)

"A Parallel Algorithm for Solving Tridiagonal Linear Systems on Coarse Grained Multicomputers"
Einar Saukas and Siang W. Song
SBAC / PAD'97: IX Brazilian Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Processing

"Entropy and Data Compression with Huffman Method"
Einar Saukas and Fábio A. R. Corrêa (advisor: Prof. Dr. Imre Simon)
CICTE'92: IX Congress of Scientific and Technological Engineering


Summa Technologies, Inc. (Brazil)
Oct 1998 - presentPrincipal Consultant
  • Startup of the Brazilian subsidiary of Summa Technologies, performing activities such as establishing partnerships, customers contacts, marketing and promotion, pre-sales, preparation of technical proposals and negotiation of commercial contracts for the development of distributed systems based on CORBA and Enterprise JavaBeans middlewares.
  • Support for transaction monitors IBM TXSeries (Encina/DCE), including migration of the FEP system production environment from Belo Horizonte to São Paulo (for Bank Itaú/Procomp).
  • Development of a high performance infrastructure for non-linear Java messages serialization (for Premier Inc).
  • Validation and implementation of automated acceptance testing environment for an embedded JVM optimized for small devices (for NetSilicon Inc).
  • Training and consulting on the development of a distributed system to integrate hospitals, clinics and insurance companies using EJB and JSP/Servlets on server WebSphere (for ConnectMed).
  • Development of a SIAFI distributed system prototype to control the Brazilian Government financial and assets budgetary execution using EJB and JSP/Servlets on server Sun iPlanet (for Structured Intelligence-Perrotti/Serpro).
  • Training on EJB and CORBA (for TecBan).
  • Consulting on the development of the Boston Connection distributed system, based on EJB and JSP/Servlets using server WebSphere (for EverSystems).
  • Implementation on EJB of the Internet Banking main modules, including persistence on Sybase and DB2, mainframe access through NetGateway, interface XML using XSL/Servlets and integration with MTS, running on server WebSphere (for BankBoston).
  • Reengineering of a generic framework for EJB applications, using server WebSphere (for BankBoston).
  • Development of a distributed application for managing ATM machine transactions, using EJB and JSP/Servlets running on WebSphere, Oracle database and XML interface (for TecBan).
  • Development of a component for application security control (authentication and validation) based on LDAP running on Sun iPlanet (for Caixa Econômica Federal).
  • Consulting on the development of Disk Guia Mais, a Call Center system for accessing information services (such as restaurants, telephones and streets guides), using Borland Application Server with Oracle database and XML interface (for Telefônica Publicidade e Informação).
  • Consulting on the architecture and applications distribution strategy of the Brazilian Unified Health System (for Datasus).
    Project awarded with the Duke's Choice Award - JavaOne San Francisco'2003
  • Reengineering of the SIVIC system for visualization and approval of checks, using JSP/Servlets with mainframe access through EJB components, on server Sun iPlanet (for Caixa Econômica Federal).
  • Consulting on the development of systems Fome Zero, Call Center, Workflow and Integrator, based on EJB and JSP/Servlets, using Struts, Tomcat, JBoss and Oracle (for CPqD).
  • Consulting on architecture of SAGRE (System for Management of External Networks), based on EJB, JDO and JSP/Servlets, using Tomcat, JBoss, OJB and Oracle (for CPqD).
  • Consulting on development of the SmartEServer product, an information management service for Smart Pads and Smart Cards, based on EJB and JSP/Servlets, using Struts, JBoss, Hibernate and Oracle (for E-Safetransfer).
  • Consulting to establish a common infrastructure for distributed applications development, to define an integrated security and users management solution with support to the company heterogeneous technologies environment, and to plan a migration strategy for several legacy systems towards the Java EE platform (for Porto Seguro Seguros).
  • Development of SCAI (Integrated Access Control System), a security system with dynamic user profile support to control authentication, authorization and monitoring of distributed Java EE applications, part of the project "City of São Paulo Integrated Patient Scheduling System", using XDoclet, Struts, Tomcat, JBoss and Oracle (for Atech/Vidatis/São Paulo City Health Authority).
    Project awarded with the Duke's Choice Award - JavaOne San Francisco'2005
  • Development of LiLi and Iris, personalized news indexing and search systems based on adaptative learning AI algorithms, using Tomcat, Spring, Hibernate, Lucene and Prevayler (for Peak Strategy/mSpoke).
  • Implementation of SSL server authentication and integration with smart card terminals, for the Brazilian Health Card System (for Hypercom).
  • Analysis, planning and supervision of architecture and performance improvements of the "Internet Honda System" (vehicle dealers management system) using Tomcat, WebSphere, SQL Server, JProfiler, and JMeter (for Honda).
  • Migration of LDAP base to the Sun Java System Messaging Server environment (for Odebrecht/Sun Professional Services).
  • Game design of the educational game SPRACE GAME for teaching particle physics to high school students (for SPRACE/Unesp/CNPq).
  • Reengineering of TIVIT's EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) product using jBoss, Spring, VRaptor, JAX-WS, DB2 (for TIVIT).
  • Specification and initial design of a server password "vault" system (for TIVIT).
  • Architecture, design and implementation of C3 ("Central de Cessão de Crédito"), system integrated with CETIP to intermediate and control credit assignment operations between all Brazilian financial institutions, based on Atlante using WebSphere, Spring, MQ, DB2 (for CIP/TIVIT).
    Project awarded with the Duke's Choice Award - JavaOne Latin America'2012
  • Analysis of architecture, execution flows, migration strategies, and infrastructure of an ATM transaction management system, based on WebSphere, MQ, Oracle, and several legacy technologies (for TecBan/TIVIT).
  • Consulting on architecture, integration and product support for VMware vFabric GemFire (distributed persistence) in project Skyline, a high performance system for pre-processing credit card transaction requests using WebLogic (for Cielo/VMware).
  • Reengineering of PIMS/Acsel-e (system for managing insurance policies in Latin America) and migration plan for integraton with IBM Business Rule Management System, using WebSphere, Spring, Mule ESB, Active MQ and Oracle (for Cardif/BNP Paribas).
  • Project management, design and implementation of travel marketing system comparing itinerary offers from multiple airlines, using Hadoop, AVRO, Spring, Bootstrap, JSON and MySQL (for FareCompare).
  • Architecture and development of P2P service for large scale money transfers, using Liberty, RabbitMQ, and PostgreSQL (for TecBan).
  • Consulting in the Corporate Architecture team, working on analysis and strategic decisions support for company products and technologies (for TecBan).

  • Unitools - Systems and Consulting (Brazil)
    Nov 1997 - Sep 1998Senior Consultant
  • Preparation of proposals, analysis and initial project of telecommunication network management systems (TMN model) for Nortel Networks.
  • Consulting in the development of a car dealer management system (using TOOL/Forté language) for EDS and an Internet Banking system (using Java and C++ languages) for BankBoston.

  • Tradeview - Commerce and Representations (Brazil)
    Aug 1997 - Nov 1997Senior Consultant
  • Representation of the TIBCO product: a communication infrastructure based on the publish/subscribe technology for distributed transaction parallel processing for Intranet and Internet applications on UNIX and Windows platforms.

  • Department of Computer Science - University of São Paulo (Brazil)
    Oct 1996 - Jul 1997Master Degree Researcher
  • Preparation of Master Degree Thesis, working on algorithms performance tests on parallel supercomputers Parsytec PowerXplorer and Meiko CS-2 using programming interfaces PVM and MPI.

  • Objectview - Engineering of Object Oriented and Open Systems (Brazil)
    Jun 1996 - Oct 1996Project Manager
  • Improvement on robustness and performance of the SADI product for administering a portfolio of financial investments, using C++ on Windows.
  • Jul 1994 - Jun 1996Project Manager
  • Co-management and consulting on the "OFS Framework/Execution Architecture" project for the reengineering process of Bank Bamerindus: prototyping in Smalltalk and development of a C++ infrastructure for distributed transaction parallel processing, using Encina/DCE and SQL database (Sybase, Informix), for object-oriented financial applications, on HP-UX and Windows.
  • Dec 1993 - Jul 1994Senior Software Engineer
  • Development of the "Resource Manager" system for Bank Nacional, a client-server communication middleware, using C language, for the HP-UX, Sun-OS, SCO-UNIX and Windows platforms.
  • Apr 1993 - Dec 1993Software Engineer
  • Supervision of evaluation projects for installation of the TIBCO/Teknekron system on the trading floors of BankBoston, Lloyds Bank, Bank Real and Bank Nacional, on UNIX and Windows platforms.

  • COPESP - Navy Special Projects Superintendence (Brazil)
    Feb 1993 - Apr 1993Software Engineer
  • Analysis and specification of management support systems.

  • Department of Electronic Instruments - University of São Paulo (Brazil)
    Apr 1991 - Jan 1993Graduate Assistant Researcher
  • Development of control software for electronic instruments using Pascal language.


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    Einar Saukas, Fabio Velloso (Summa)
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    "The Java Technology Behind the Largest Billing System on the Planet"
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    "Journey To The Game Universe"
    Einar Saukas
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    "They Hunger: Lost Souls"
    Einar Saukas
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    Einar Saukas
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    Einar Saukas
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    Einar Saukas
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    "Open Standards and Platforms: a Java Technology Overview"
    Einar Saukas
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    Einar Saukas
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    "3D Games Design"
    Einar Saukas
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    "The J2EE Architecture and the Future of the Java Technology"
    Einar Saukas
    Java Day - Federal University of São Carlos (Aug 23, 2003)

    "Discussion Panel: Java and the Open-Source Movement - Perspectives"
    Einar Saukas (moderator), Gustavo M. D. Vieira (BigBross), Pablo Madril (Summa)
    COMDEX Brazil'2003 (Aug 20, 2003)

    "Beyond Web Services: Combining Jini Network Technology and Project JXTA to Take Advantage of Edge Computing"
    Einar Saukas, Bruno Souza (Summa), Carlos Queiroz (University of São Paulo)
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    "Developing Distributed Applications with Enterprise JavaBeans"
    Einar Saukas
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    "The Java Technology on a Corporate Environment"
    Einar Saukas
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    "Technological Tendencies on Corporate Applications"
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    "Java Generics"
    Einar Saukas
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    "Presentation of the J2EE Technology"
    Einar Saukas
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    "Game Strategies Based on Artificial Intelligence Techniques"
    Einar Saukas
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    "Tutorial: EJB Design Patterns"
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    "Tutorial: Software Development Technologies Applied to Games"
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    "Mini-course: The J2EE Technology"
    Einar Saukas, Eduardo I. Ito (Summa)
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    "CORBA Tutorial"
    Einar Saukas
    1st Technology Tutorials Sucesu-SP (Jun 15, 1999)

    "Enterprise JavaBeans: The Application Servers Revolution"
    Einar Saukas
    1st Technology Tutorials Sucesu-SP (Jun 15, 1999)

    "Discussion Panel: Performance of Distributed Objects Architecture Solutions"
    Einar Saukas (moderator), Bruno Souza (Sun), Marcelo Uemura (Microsoft), Silvio Mendonça (Technowork)
    1st Sucesu-SP Distributed Objects Architecture Conference - CORBA Solutions (May 12, 1999)

    "Enterprise JavaBeans and Other Technology Alternatives"
    Einar Saukas
    1st Sucesu-SP Distributed Objects Architecture Conference - CORBA Solutions (May 10, 1999)


    "Kreativer Missbrauch: One-Liner-Programmiertechniken in Sinclair-BASIC"
    Einar Saukas, Digital Prawn
    Retro BASIC Sonderheft Magazine (May 2014), pg. 16-17

    "TK Adventures Guide"
    Einar Saukas
    Jogos80 Magazine, n. 9 (July 2012), pg. 42-44

    "ZX-Spectrum Multicolor"
    Einar Saukas
    Jogos80 Magazine, n. 9 (July 2012), pg. 16-20

    "Programming One-Liner Games in TK"
    Einar Saukas, Digital Prawn
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    "J2EE or .Net? - The Power of Integration"
    Einar Saukas
    Info Exame Magazine, n. 195 (June 2002) , pg. 100


    Article "Banking on Java"
    Einar Saukas (interviewed)
    Oracle JavaMagazine - pages 22 to 25 (May/June 2013)

    Program "Globo Ciência": Quantum Physics
    Einar Saukas (interviewed)
    TV Globo (August 21, 2010)

    Program "Galileu": Game about Particle Physics
    Einar Saukas (interviewed)
    Portal Globo (May 12, 2010)

    Program "Jornal da Cultura"
    Einar Saukas (interviewed)
    TV Cultura (May 10, 2010)

    Program "You Hightech": Games
    Einar Saukas (participant)
    TV Ideal (channel 70 - SP) (Jun 04, 2008)

    Program "TecnoMack": CORBA
    Einar Saukas (participant)
    Mackenzie TV (channel 15 - SP) (Mar 27 - Apr 02, 2000)


    "Blockchain for Business"
    IBM Brazil - São Paulo - SP
    Apr 13, 2018

    R3 Brazil - São Paulo - SP
    Mar 26, 2018

    "IBM Cloud Private"
    IBM Brazil - São Paulo - SP
    Nov 10, 2017

    "Oracle SOA Suite"
    Oracle Brazil - São Paulo - SP
    Aug 16, 2016

    Oracle Brazil - São Paulo - SP
    Aug 02, 2016

    Oracle Brazil - São Paulo - SP
    Jul 12, 2016

    "WebSphere Studio Application Developer Tooling Platform"
    IBM Brazil - São Paulo, Brazil
    Dec 18 - Dec 20, 2001

    "Apple WebObjects: Deployment"
    Comet Brazil - São Paulo, Brazil
    Sep 01 - Sep 02, 1999

    "Apple WebObjects: Developer"
    Comet Brazil - São Paulo, Brazil
    Aug 23 - Aug 26, 1999

    "MQ Series Administration"
    IBM Brazil - São Paulo, Brazil
    Jul 05 - Jul 08, 1999

    "IBM WebSphere Studio and Application Server Developer"
    IBM Brazil - São Paulo, Brazil
    Mar 15 - Mar 19, 1999

    "TX Series: CICS for Windows NT"
    IBM Brazil - São Paulo, Brazil
    Dec 07 - Dec 11, 1998

    "Building Distributed Applications with Orbix and CORBA"
    Iona Technologies, Inc. - San Mateo, California, USA
    Oct 26 - Oct 30, 1998

    "Persistence PowerTier for Enterprise JavaBeans"
    Persistence Software, Inc. - San Mateo, California, USA
    Oct 20 - Oct 23, 1998

    "Informix: ESQL/C Programming and Database Administration"
    Centro de Treinamentos Bamerindus - Curitiba, Brazil
    Aug 14 - Aug 25, 1995

    "Teknekron Software Training"
    TIBCO / Teknekron Software Systems, Inc. - Palo Alto, California, USA
    May 24 - Jun 04, 1993

    "Computer Sensors and Control"
    Center of Technological Researchs / CDT - São José dos Campos, Brazil
    Feb 03 - Feb 07, 1992


    SOL: Summa Open Library (2012)
    General-purpose components in Java
    Apache 2.0 license

    ZX7 (2012)
    Optimal LZ77/LZSS data compressor in C
    BSD-3 license

    BIFROST* Engine (2012)
    Multicolor 8x1 (18 columns) graphics engine in Assembly Z80
    Open license

    FZX (2013)
    Reference implementation of open standard FZX for proportional fonts in small devices
    Open license

    NIRVANA Engine (2013)
    Multicolor 8x2 (30 columns) graphics engine in Assembly Z80
    Open license

    NIRVANA+ Engine (2015)
    Multicolor 8x2 (full-screen) graphics engine in Assembly Z80
    Open license

    BIFROST*2 Engine (2016)
    Multicolor 8x1 (20 columns) graphics engine in Assembly Z80
    Open license

    ZXDB (2016)
    Open database with historical information about Sinclair machines
    ODbL 1.0 license

    ZX-Ed (2018)
    CRUD editor and script generator for ZXDB
    Apache 2.0 license


    Black Widow Games
    1997 - presentCo-Founder, Game Designer/Developer
  • Development of 5 contract-work promotional mods for Soldier of Fortune TV series marketing campaign, using Quake 3D game engines (for Rysher Entertainment).
  • Development of the contract-work promotional Team Fortress Classic scenery Vidar's Niflheim for news site marketing campaign, using Half-Life 3D game engine (for CNET Gamecenter).
  • Development of the contract-work promotional mod Underworld Bloodline, for movie series Underworld launch campaign, using Half-Life 3D game engine (for Big Spaceship LLC/Sony Pictures).
  • Development of 7 contract-work promotional mods (including series They Hunger and USS Darkstar) for magazine cover disc distribution, using Quake and Half-Life 3D game engines (for PC Gamer US).
  • Development of educational action games SPRACE Game and SPRACE Game 2 to teach quantum physics to high school students (in Portuguese, English, German), developed in Java and distributed with extensive media coverage (for SPRACE/CNPq/FAPESP).

  • SouJava (Java Users Society)
    1999 - 2003Co-Founder, President
  • Co-founder and first president of SouJava (recognized as world's largest Java User Group).

  • GU-CORBA at Sucesu-SP
    1999 - 2005Associate Director
  • Co-leadership of CORBA Users Group, member of the technology standards consortium OMG (Object Management Group).

  • Info Exame Magazine (Abril Ed.)
    1998 - 2004Freelance Writer
  • Main games columnist with about 100 published game reviews and articles (Info Exame was the leading technology magazine in Brazil at the time, with over 200,000 printed copies per magazine edition on average).

  • Info Games Magazine (Abril Ed.)
    2003Freelance Writer
  • Games reviewer (author of 12 pages on average per edition), including a personal "opinion" column about trends and new technologies in gaming.

  • "Indie" Developer
    1982 - presentIndependent Developer
  • Co-author of several sponsored and free games for different platforms, many of them catalogued at MobyGames, SpectrumComputing, WorldOfSpectrum, and Wikipedia, including 7 games licensed for bundled distribution within the Vega console in 2015.
  • Pixel Quest awarded best "retro game" of 2015 by Micro Mart UK magazine (Special December 2015 issue)