Sky Dataset

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A Dataset for Sky Segmentation

1 Introduction

The Sky dataset contains a collection of 60 images with ground truth for sky segmentation. It was based on the Caltech Airplanes Side dataset by R. Fergus 15/02/03. Those images from the dataset which contained sky regions were selected and ground truths were created for them. The original dataset image names were keeped unchanged.

Sky dataset images

Figure 1: Sky dataset images and their respective ground truths

2 Works

This dataset was used in the following papers:

  • Eduardo B. Alexandre and Paulo A.V. Miranda. IFT-SLIC: Geração de Superpixels com Base em Agrupamento Iterativo Linear Simples e Transformada Imagem-Floresta. Master dissertation, IME - USP.

3 Download

The dataset can be found here.

The Sky dataset ground truth images are released under the Creative Commons (CC) license, the data images are released by the original authors choosen license.