Smart Cities Project

Monitoring unhealthy plants is an important problem for big cities. People can be injured when a big tree falls down, and also the transit can be heavily affected in case it happens. The prevention for these incidents can be made through the use of sensors and Internet of Things. Once a tree has its information shared by attached sensors that send information to online servers, this tree can be monitored using Big Data analysis in order to find possible symptoms of basic unhealthiness and prevent any further environmental catastrophes. The scalability of these solutions are not easily conceived due to the price of the sensors or the cost with batteries. Also, most of the sensors require local collection of data as they are not always online. The idea of this project is to take advantage of the Internet of Things advents and design a full cycle solution that retrieve information using an energy saver mobile sensor.

Your turn. How to make one

Hardware: Arduino nano / Raspberry Pi B+ / Light sensor Grove SensorKit / DHT 11 Humidity and temperature sensor / Two NRF24L01 RadioTransmitter / Sap Flow sensor ( you have to make this one)

Software: All programs are available there. The website was developped with bootstrap and php. A webserver and a SGBD were installed directly on the raspberry.

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Light sensor

It is part of the Grove Sensor Kit. It can detect the intensity of the light thanks to a photo-resistance. The resistance will decrease when the intensity of the light increase and increase when the intensity of the light decrease.

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Humidity and temperature sensor

This DFRobot DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor features a temperature & humidity sensor complex with a calibrated digital signal output.

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Sap flow sensor

Following the Granier method, this homemade sensor can measure the quantity of the sap that flows inside a tree at a given time.

Received Data

Battery charging checking