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Associate Professor, IME-USP


I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics of IME-USP, the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics at University of São Paulo, Brazil. I am a member of the Geometry Research Group at USP. Together with my colleague Ivan Struchiner, we organize a weekly seminar on Poisson Geometry, Lie groupoids and their interaction with Geometry, Topology and Mathematical Physics. Please check these activities here.

I received a PhD degree in Mathematics from IMPA in April 2009 under the supervision of Henrique Bursztyn. I also had a postdoctoral position at IMPA where I was a member of the Mathematical Physics research group of that institution. Previously, I did my undergraduate studies in Mathematics at University of Chile in Santiago, where I am originally from.

Additionally, during my doctoral studies I spent six months as an MRI fellow within the Master Class Program “Symplectic Geometry and Beyond” at Utrecht University, Holland.

Last semester of 2010 I received a Junior Research Fellowship from the Schrödinger Institute for Mathematical Physics (Vienna-Austria) within the Program “Higher structures in Mathematics and Physics”. Also, during January and February 2012 I was a fellow of the “Summer Postdoctoral Program” of IMPA.

From August 2010 to April 2014, I was a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics at Federal University of Paraná, in the city of Curitiba, Brazil.


Contact Information

Instituto de Matemática e Estatística - IME

Universidade de São Paulo - USP

Departamento de Matemática - MAT

Rua do Matão 1010

CEP 05508-090

Cidade Universitária - Butantã

São Paulo


Office: 118 Bloco A

Phone: +55-11-3091-6257

E-mail: cortiz[at]ime[dot]usp[dot]br