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Roberto is a professor of the University of Sčo Paulo (USP) since 1998 (BSc in Computer Science - UNESP - 1992; MSc in Electrical Engineering  -UNICAMP - 1993; Ph.D. in Physics - USP/Brazil,IPT-UCL/Belgium - 1997; Visiting researcher ENST/Télécom ParisTech/Paris,France) . He is currently a Full-Professor in the Department of Computer Science - IME - USP. He served as a member of the Coordination Area of Computer Science of FAPESP and of the Evaluation Committee Capes (Computer Science). He is currently special advisor for Physical Sciences and Engineering at FAPESP. He is Director of the eScience Research Center at USP and was head of the Computer Science Department. He was member of the Image and Vision Computing editorial board, chair and invited speaker of conferences and workshops (Sibgrapi 2003, CIARP 2010, Sibgrapi 2011; SHAPES 2.0 - 2012, eSon - IEEE eScience 2013, IEEE eScience 2014). He has experience in computer science, with emphasis on computer vision, pattern recognition, image processing, bioinformatics and eScience.


Our lab  has ongoing projects with interesting open problems for students (undergraduates, MSc, PhD) and researchers (Post-doc, Sabbatical) willing to join us. There are interesting opportunities for fellowships in these levels (including Post-doc, Young Researcher and Sabbatical; see the details in the FAPESP description in the previous links). Note that the fellowship conditions are competitive in international levels. Please do not hesitate in contacting me in case you become interested in working with us. Students and collaborators from all countries are quite welcome!!!! (e.g. see the standard deviation of my co-authors :-) Come South, young scientist! Current open opportunities:

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