Ricardo Bianconi - Papers

  1. Published/submitted

    1. Ricardo Bianconi. Model Completeness for the Real Field with the Weierstrass P Function. Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society (accepted, 2016/2017)
    2. Ricardo Bianconi. Some Model Theory of Hypergeometric and Pfaffian Functions. arxiv.org November, 2016. (submitted)
    3. Ricardo Bianconi. Model Complete Expansions of the Real Field by Modular Functions and Forms arxiv.org June, 2014. Published in the South American Journal of Logic, Vol. 1, n. 1, pp. 321–335, 2015.
      See also: R. Bianconi. Adendum to “Model Complete Expansions of the Real Field by Modular Functions and Forms”, this Journal, Vol. 1, n. 1 (2015), pp. 321–335 (South American Lournal of Logic, to appear).
    4. Ricardo Bianconi. Uniform Model Completeness for the Real Field with the Weierstrass P Function. arxiv.org October, 2014.
    5. Ricardo Bianconi, Gilda Ferreira, Emmanuel Silva. Bounded theories for polyspace computability. Port. Math. 70 (2013), no. 4, 295-318. MR3180823
    6. Pedro L. Kaufmann, Ricardo Bianconi. Triangle integral—a nonabsolute integration process suitable for piecewise linear surfaces. Real Anal. Exchange 36 (2010/11), no. 2, 373-404. MR3016723
    7. Ricardo Bianconi. Undefinability results in o-minimal expansions of the real numbers, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 134 (2005), 43-51. MR2132914 (2005m:03072)
    8. M. Federson, R. Bianconi, L. Barbanti. Linear Volterra integral equations as the limit of discrete systems. Acta Math. Appl. Sin. Engl. Ser. 20 (2004), no. 4, 623-640. MR2173638 (2006j:45013)
    9. Rémi Langevin, Rosa Maria Barreiro Chaves, Ricardo Bianconi. Formulas of Cauchy and Crofton in Lorentz-Minkowski and de Sitter spaces. (English summary) Homage to Luis Santaló. Vol. 1 (Spanish). Math. Notae 41 (2001/02), 99-113 (2003). MR2049437 (2005a:53131)
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    12. Ricardo Bianconi. Definability in o-minimal expansions of the real numbers. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 67 (2002) (Wollic 2002).
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    14. M. C. A. B. Federson, R. Bianconi, Linear Volterra-Stieltjes integral equations in the sense of the Kurzweil-Henstock integral. Arch. Math. (Brno) 37 (2001), no. 4, 307-328. MR1879454 (2003a:45001)
    15. Ricardo Bianconi. Some model theory of ordered structures and undefinabilty results, pp. 31-34 in Jair Minoru Abe and João Inácio da Silva Filho eds., Logic, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, LAPTEC 2001, Nov. 2001, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, volume 71, IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2001.
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    18. Ricardo Bianconi.: Definability of the possible minimal counterexamples to Schanuel's conjecture. XII Brazilian Meeting on Logic, May 1999.
    19. Ricardo Bianconi. A Note on noninterpretability in o-minimal structures. Fundamenta Mathematicae, vol. 158 (1998), no. 1, pp. 19-22. MR1641216 (2000a:03050)
    20. Ricardo Bianconi. On the convergence of the integrals of a truncated Kurzweil-Henstock integrable function. Real Analysis Exchange, vol 23, no. 1 (1998), 247-250. MR1609798
    21. Ricardo Bianconi. Nondefinability results for expansions of the field of real numbers by the exponential function and by the restricted sine function. The Journal of Symbolic Logic, vol. 62 (1997), 1173-1178. MR1617985 (99k:03034)
    22. Ricardo Bianconi. A note on the construction of a certain class of Kleinian groups, Proc. of the AMS, Vol. 123, Nr. 10, 1995, pp. 3119-3124. MR1277097 (95m:30060)
    23. Ricardo Bianconi, Nikolay Gusevskii, Helen Klimenko. Schottky type groups and Kleinian groups acting on $S^3$ with limit set a wild Cantor set. Boletim da SBM (Bulletin of the Brazilian Math. Soc.), Vol. 26, Nr. 1, 1995, 1-45. MR1339176 (98c:57039)
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    28. Ricardo Bianconi. Model completeness results for elliptic and abelian functions. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 54 (1991), no. 2, 121-136. MR1134193 (92i:03040)

  2. Unpublished papers:
    1. R. Bianconi.: Vanishing of the cyclic cohomology of properly infinite von Neumann algebras. arxiv.org
    2. R. Bianconi.: Como ler e estudar matemática? (in Portuguese; available in formats dvi gzipped: mat.dvi.gz (24K) or Adobe's pdf mat.pdf (350K).
    3. C. E. Harle, R. Bianconi.: Special Relativity and Geometry. (Book.) The chapters on the two and three dimensional models is available as gzipped dvi or gzipped postscript formats.