Dynamics of Evolution Equations

Evolution Equations play an important role in many applications. The group works on dynamical systems defined by evolution equations in Banach spaces, including O.D.E.'s, parabolic and hyperbolic P.D.E.'s and Functional Differential Equations. The main themes addressed are asymptotic behavior, stability, bifurcation, invariant manifolds, attracting sets, pattern formation, discretization, etc.

Members   at IME-USP

  1. Antônio Luiz Pereira - alpereir@ime.usp.br
  2. Sergio Muniz Oliva Filho - smo@ime.usp.br
  3. Marcone Corrêa Pereira - marcone@usp.br

Collaborators in other institutions

  1. Gleiciane S, Aragão -  UNIFESP
  2. Marcus A. M. Marrocus - UFABC


Students (at IME-USP)

  1. Ariadne Nogueira - ariadnenogueira@gmail.com
  2. Rosangela Toledo Guedes - rtguedes@ime.usp.br
  3. Jean Carlos Nakasato  - jcnakasato@gmail.com
  4. Allan Fernandes
  5. Bianca Lorenzi  - bianca.lorenzi@usp.br
  6.  Diego Mucciolo


Visiting researcher

  1. José N. V. Gomes - UFAM - jnvgomes@gmail.com