Associação Brasileira de Estatística
International Association for Statistical Computing - Joint Meeting of IASC-ABE Satellite Conference for the 60th ISI WSC 2015

Scientific programme


C1:  Climate Model Diagnostics Analysis with Conditional Sampling

Seungwon Lee, California Institute of Technology, USA. (IASC-Data Modeling Competition)


C2: Multinomial Correspondence Analysis

Patrick J.F. Groenen, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Holland.


C3: Median Regression For Complex Data with Skewed Response


Debajyoti Sinha,  Florida State University, USA.


Thematic Sessions


YSG-IASC Session

Session Organizer: Han-Ming Wu. Tamkang University, Taiwan 


Recent Advances in Multivariate Analysis

Session Organizer: Anuradha Roy. The University of Texas at San Antonio.


Times Series Classification and Clustering

Session Organizer: Elizabeth A. Maharaj,  Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics, Monash University, Australia.  


Hierarchical Modeling

Session Organizer: Fernando A. S. Moura, Department of Statistics, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Data Pre-processing

Session Organizer: Bianca Zadrozny, Natural Resources Analytics IBM Research - Brazil.


Robust Statistics and heavy tails

Session Organizer: Luis M. Castro, Department of Statistics, Universidad de Concepción,Chile.


Resampling Methods

Session Organizer: Jacek Leskow, Institute of Mathematics, Cracow Technical University, Poland.


Symbolic Data Analysis

Session Organizer: Carlo Drago, Università Niccolò Cusano.



Poster Session