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Jean-Louis Koszul

Jean-Louis Koszul (French: [kɔsyl]; January 3, 1921 – January 12, 2018) was a French mathematician, best known for studying geometry and discovering the Koszul complex. He was a second generation member of Bourbaki.

Koszul in São Paulo: His Work and Legacy

In the late 1950’s, J. L. Koszul visited the University of São Paulo and taught three courses whose magistral notes were published there [1] [2] [3]. In 1986 he visited again to give one of the inaugural conferences at the Institutos de Estudos Avançados of the University of São Paulo. The purpose of this session is to rescue his influence from the historic and scientific viewpoint. This meeting is part of the 2nd Workshop SPJM and will include a round-table with some members of the Editorial Board.

São Paulo Journal of Mathematical Sciences

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