Courses – Graduate Program in Bioinformatics

Complete list of courses – Graduate Program in Bioinformatics

AcronymCourse name
5955017Text Processing and Information Retrieval for Applied Computing
BMM5835Critical Study of Molecular Evolution in Biological Systems
IBI5000Seminars in Bioinformatics
IBI5011Introduction to Computing for Bioinformatics
IBI5013Database for Bioinformatics
IBI5026Computational Biophysical Chemistry
IBI5035Computational Molecular Biology
IBI5037Algorithms in Bioinformatics
IBI5038Introduction to Data Structures
IBI5040Introduction to Bioinformatics
IBI5043System biology
IBI5073Systems Biology for Life Sciences
IBI5074Structural Bioinformatics and Molecular Modeling
IBI5077Statistical Methods Applied to the Biological Sciences
IBI5078Introduction to Probabilistic Boolean Networks
IBI5079Introduction to Systems Biology
IBI5080Bioinformatics in Evolution and Molecular Phylogenies
IBI5081Computational Techniques in Probability and Statistics I
IBI5082Topics in Structural Bioinformatics
IBI5083Systems for the Study of Gene Expression in Animal Cells
IBI5084Systems Biology
IBI5085Topics in Molecular Modeling and Docking
IBI5086Introduction to Statistical Methods for Bioinformatics
IBI5087Multi-omics data analysis for microbial ecology and biotechnology
IBI5088Topics in Structural Bioinformatics in Health
IBI5090Systems for the Study of Gene Expression in Animal Cells
IBI5904High-dimensional statistical learning
IBI5908Social Network Statistics
IBI5959Developing your Scientific Communication in the Academic World