The theses/dissertations deposits shall bem ade at CPG at IME, along with the following documentation:

Deposit form;

- Board proposition form;

- One printed issue, in accordance to CPG’s approved standard (available below);

- One electronic version, in .pfd format;

- Authorization form for the Digital Library;

- Data form for the thesis/dissertation;
Thesis/Dissertation final version (corrected)

- corrected version form

One printed issue of the thesis/dissertation shall be delivered at CPG at IME, in a A4 format along iwth a PDF digital format. The service and printing of other issues and binding of the final version of the thesis/dissertation will be made for free by IME.

CPG approved standard

CPG, in a meeting in June/2007, has resolved that the theses and dissertation shall abide to the standardized format defined by it.

A LaTeX model to ease adherence was created in 2007 and subsequently updated. The model is available in PDF using two types of bibliographical references that may be chosen according to the students’ and his/her tutor’s will: alpha and plannait.

Download the complete LaTeX files package (page maintained by Jesus Mena).

Note that, although LaTeX is recommended because of the high quality of the generated document formatting, its use is not mandatory. The mandatory items are highlighted below.

The standard format is composed of optional and mandatory items, as follows.

Cover - mandatory

- Disertation/thesis title and student’s name must comply to the following visor dimensions (cover model)

- Dissertation/thesis title shall begin with capital letter and the rest shall be written in lower case, except for names.

- The student’s identification must be a full name, with no abbreviations. 

- The cover must make it clear if the document is a thesis or a dissertation. For obtaining a Doctoral degree – thesis. For the Master’s degree: dissertation.

- The cover must show which Program it is inserted in (Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics or Computing Science).

- The tutor’s and co-tutor’ (if there is any) full names must be informed. If the student has been granted a scholarship, the granting agency must be informed.

- The month and year of deposit or delivery must also be informed.

TITLE PAGE – mandatory both for the deposited and the corrected version.

- Dissertation/thesis title shall follow the cover standard.

- It must be written that that is the original version.

- It must be written that that is a corrected version.

- Names of board members must be informed.

ACKNOWLDEGEMENT– optional (see page i) 
RESUMO – mandatory (see page viii) 
ABSTRACT – mandatory (see page v) 
SUMMARY – mandatory (see page vii) 
ABBREVIATIONS LIST – optional (see page ix) 
SYMBOLS LIST – optional (see page xi) 
PICTURES LIST – optional  (see page xiii) 
TABLES LIST – optional  (see page xv) 
REFERENCES – mandatory (see page 11) 
TABLE OF CONTENTS – optional (see page 12)