The school is intended as a forum to discuss new developments in probability and related areas, an occasion to detect new directions of research and to establish new collaborations and an opportunity for the students to begin their scientific life.

This is the 13th edition of the school. By a happy coincidence, in 2009, São Paulo's probability seminar will be 31 years old.

This year the school will take place in the Maresias Beach Hotel, a beautiful place between the ocean and the rain forest, located in São Sebastião, in the state of São Paulo.

To celebrate this 31st birthday we will make an special effort to have the scientific subjects we have been working all these years, from interacting particle systems to the statistical analysis of chains of infinite order, discussed in the school.



Scientific Committee

  • David Brillinger (UC Berkeley)
  • Francis Comets (Paris-Diderot)
  • Roberto Fernández (Rouen)
  • *Pablo Ferrari (Buenos Aires/São Paulo)
  • *Antonio Galves (São Paulo)
  • Nancy Garcia (UNICAMP)
  • Claudio Landim (IMPA/Rouen)
  • Tom Liggett (UCLA)
  • Servet Martinez (U. Chile)
  • Chuck Newman (Courant Institute)
  • Errico Presutti (Rome "Tor Vergata")
  • Bernard Schmitt (U. Bourgogne)
  • Balint Toth (Budapest)
  • Mario Wschebor (U. de la Republica)
  • *chairman

Organizing Committee

  • Inés Armendáriz (U. San Andres)
  • Cristian Coletti (UFABC)
  • Denise Duarte (UFMG)
  • Jesús Enrique García (UNICAMP)
  • Rafael Grisi (São Paulo)
  • Valderio Reisen (UFES)
  • Glauco Valle (UFRJ)

NUMEC - USP, São Paulo, Brasil, 2009 - Designer: Sara Müller