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Seminario de TCCO, 23/8/2019 - Leonardo N. Coregliano (U of Chicago)
Sexta-feira 23 Agosto 2019, 14:00 - 15:30
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The theory of limits of dense discrete combinatorial objects has gained considerable attention in the last years, not only by proving itself a valuable tool in the study of extremal combinatorics problems, but also for its own interesting problems. The syntactic, algebraic approach to the subject is popularly known as "flag algebras", while the semantic, geometric one is often associated with the name "graph limits". While the latter approach yields a more intuitive and expressible language, as its name suggests, it only applies to the theory of graphs. For other combinatorial objects such as digraphs, hypergraphs, permutations or posets, there have been several ad hoc semantic limit constructions in the literature.

In this talk, I will present a semantic limit for dense combinatorial objects in the same general setting as flag algebras and the main results associated with this semantic construction. I will also illustrate how semantics can make syntactic arguments more natural.

Local IME-USP - Bloco A - Sala 249