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Some Mathematical aspects of DAG-based Distributed Ledger Systems.
Segunda-feira 06 Julho 2020, 14:00 - 17:00
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Candidato: Olivia Terence Saa..

Orientador: André Salles de Carvalho.

Resumo: In the first part of this work, we present, model and analyze a randomized automated peeringIn the first part of this work, we present, model and analyze a randomized automated peeringmodel, that can be implemented to any distributed system. We conclude that the scheme has somedesirable properties (specifically, a reasonable message overhead, a reasonable distribution of thenumbers of peers of a node, and a negligible probability of an attack by a malicious actor to besuccessful). In the second part, we present an article published in the volume 136 of the journalComputers & Industrial Engineering, in October of 2019 (DOI 10.1016=j.cie.2019.07.025). In thepaper, we analyze the Nash Equilibria of a graph attachment game, defined to represent the differentstrategies that malicious actors can use to take certain advantages in a DAG-based (i.e., based onDirected Acyclic Graphs) distributed ledger system. We prove the existence of “almost symmetric”Nash equilibria for the system where a part of players tries to optimize their attachment strategiesand another part follows a default one. We also present simulations that show that the “selfish”players will not choose strategies that are considerably different that the “recommended” one.

Palavras-chaves: Distributed Systems, DLT, Nash Equilibria, Tangle.

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