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Welcome to my web page. Here you can find information on my research, including technical reports for my papers. There is also some information for students like the courses I am lecturing this year and some projects for under-grad and Master students. Finally you'll also find links to pages I find interesting.

Personal and contact information

I am an assistant professor at the Computer Science Department of the Mathematics and Statistics Institute of the University of São Paulo (Brazil) since February 2001.

My research subject is Continuous Optimization, particularly Convex Programming and its extensions. Recently, I am have been studying applications of Optimization to Pattern Recognition, with emphasis on Support Vector Machines.

If you want to contact me here is some useful information:
E-mail: pjssilva at
Street address:
Rua do Matão, 1010 (Dept. de Computação)
CEP: 05508-090, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Fone: +55-11-3091 5178 ou +55-11-3091 6134
Fax: +55-11-3091 6135